Sex in the Pandemic
Our college pandemic sex education programs are entertaining and interactive. (An interactive online program)

With all the focus on social distancing, navigating sex and relationships can feel more challenging than ever. Can coronavirus be transmitted through sex? Do we have to wear masks if we boomchikawowow? Should you ask your hookup their COVID status? Is snuggling indoors with your boo too dangerous? Can sexting fill the gap? In this interactive virtual program, tailored to the needs of those in attendance, we'll explore answers to these questions and more, and give you tips for what you can practice now that will make you a better partner later.

All our other programs are also available virtually. In particular, we recommend Sex in the Dark, which works great with students joining individually from dorm rooms or even from home. All students have to do is turn out the lights -- it's a fun, interactive, super-private way to get answers to their questions.



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