Bisexual workshop: KaeLyn and Marshall presenting the Bi Popular Demand program
Marshall And KaeLyn presenting the Bi Popular Demand program

what students and college staff members are saying about our LGBTQ programs

“This program was AMAZING!” It really opened my mind to many things that I hadn’t thought about before. I would bring this program back in a heartbeat!”
Victor Diaz, President of Kaleidoscope, Stetson University

"Informative, serious, fun, and entertaining all at the same time. We got the biggest crowd we've ever had for one of our events!"
Vanessa Savas, Co-President, the Alliance, Wheaton College

Marshall And Dorian with a group of Wheaton Students and Signs

“The best presenters I’ve ever seen.  They have great personalities and provide great information.  They have no shame in answering any of the questions.”
Jennifer Carrasco, Student, Florida International University

"Last night during Straight Answers to Gay Questions-- I looked around and was overcome with the implications of what was happening in that room, a real dialogue about queer issues; it really felt like an intimate group of people, sharing, listening and learning.   I don't think there is a way to say thank you for bringing that kind of experience to a campus like ours, but thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Alison Folsom, Co-President, Feminists Reinventing Equality Everywhere, New Mexico State University

“Their energy and charisma were simply infectious.”
Kerry John Poynter, Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Columbia University

“As an ally, I’ve felt pressured to know the answers, rather than ask the questions. This program was an excellent forum for everyone to ask questions anonymously. Dorian and Marshall were so funny that everyone felt quite at ease with an often awkward topic. You rock!”
Katie Rice, student, Hendrix College

“This was a great way to open dialogue about bi issues and interests on a campus that covers the G, L, and T but has trouble remembering the “B.”
Laurel B. Stiedelmann, Sexual Health Awareness Group Leader, University of Richmond

"What a wonderful opportunity for our students to stretch their understanding, thoughts, and beliefs regarding GLBT people and issues."
Katie Shephard, Coordinator of Student Development, Valencia Community College Osceola

“The speakers were very well educated and prepared for every type of question for ALL things GLBT QQ IAA, and presented them in a hilarious and easy-to-understand format.  Highly recommended!”
Andrew Clark, Treasurer of Haven, University of Delaware

"This rocks!"
Karl Hopkins-Lutz, Secretary of Pride!, Kent State University

“The speakers present themselves with openness and honesty. Students felt comfortable and loved the program!”
Jennifer Bell, Student Services Administrator, Northampton Community College

“Straight Answers to Gay Questions was one of the best events we have had. Dorian and Marshall kept a fun atmosphere while educating, and everyone enjoyed it.”
Curtis Dahn, President, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance, Virginia Tech

“I learned more -- and had more fun -- in an hour and a half that I thought possible.”
Daniel, UNITY Member, Hendrix College

Marshall Presenting one of our LGBTQ programs

“GLBT issues are particularly difficult to discuss as people feel very emotional and strongly about them and Dorian and Marshall present these issues in a fun, safe, educational way all people can benefit from no matter how they identify.”
Jenn Shaller, President, OSAPE, Organization of Students Actively Pursuing Equality, Stetson University

"Thank you for the two programs that you brought to Vincennes University this week.  As you know we had packed houses for both programs, which was outstanding.  I would be more than happy to speak with Student Activities persons from other campuses about how great the programs are and how professional the both of you are in handling what we all know can be very sensitive issues on our university campuses."
Cynthia Beals, Director of Student Activities, Vincennes University

“As I watched the presentation progress, I witnessed your audience grow captivated as they asked questions and engaged in a sometimes funny but always sincere dialogue with you.”
John Freml, President, Straights and Gays for Equality Everywhere, Illinois College

“You are so professionally organized, going over and above other speakers I’ve worked with to help with advertising and ensure a smooth execution of the program.”
John Gray Williams, Chair for Gay Awareness Week, Virginia Tech

“This is an informative, educational, eye-opening program. I have learned many things I did not know as a lesbian woman.”
Brooke Fry, Student, Northampton Community College

"Dorian and Marshall are great!  They are extremely knowledgeable and very fun. I would highly recommend them to ANY college campus. They have an extremely approachable persona and are able to relate to college-age audiences very well."
David Pittman, Assistant Director, Kent State University Friends and Allies

“The speakers present definitions, explanations, and give examples to difficult and often hushed or embarrassing questions.  Their presentation informs and educates the public on topics that must be discussed in order to create a loving, accepting, creative world.”
Leslie Morrell, Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program, New Mexico State University

“As a big supporter of people with different sexualities and genders, it’s awesome to see an open dialogue about hardships, quirks, and joys bisexuals face.”
Jes Gonzalez, student, SUNY Oswego

“This program was completely eye-opening and went above and beyond my expectations! I loved that the presenters provided a safe environment in which to discuss anything and everything to do with sexuality. They left it open-ended enough that I, a sort of minority within a minority, felt comfortable sharing my story.”
Rachel Moultan, student, Wheaton College

"The program was informative, lively, and interesting, honored all backgrounds, and was helpful -- but the best thing was that the speaker was such a great listener."
Jennifer Brown, Assistant Professor of French, Illinois College

“Fantastic speakers for the whole GLBT community. They tell it like it is -- finally!”
Natalie B. Davidson, Student, Valencia Community College


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