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Sex Discussed Here! provides teams of sex educators to present smart, funny sex education programs at colleges, conferences, trainings, and businesses around the country. We present on a variety of topics: sexual health, female orgasm, safer sex, and LGBTQ topics including workshops on bisexuality. What makes us different?

Sex educators receive a standing ovation
And the crowd cheered: a standing ovation at Miami University in Ohio.
  • We're experienced. Over the last decade, we've presented over 700 programs in 39 states.
  • We get rave reviews from both students and staff. We regularly receive the highest compliment of all: organizers who chose to bring us back year after year.
  • Our programs regularly draw large, sometimes record-breaking turnouts.
  • Our sex educators co-present in male-female teams, providing perspectives on sexuality that audience members appreciate.
  • We're inclusive. It's important to us that all our programs be inclusive of GLBTQ and heterosexual people. Our presentations are also relevant both to students who are sexually active and those who are choosing abstinence.
  • We know our stuff. All our presenters have backgrounds in the field of human sexuality. We bring our experience in the field to our work as educators.
  • We're funny and interactive. Yes, sexuality can be a serious subject. But we believe people learn better when they're enjoying the process. Our programs incorporate multi-media, music, and interactive activities and our audiences do a lot of laughing.

To learn more about us, check out our speaker bios: Dorian Solot, Marshall Miller, Rachel Dart, Maggie Keenan-Bolger, KaeLyn Rich, Connor Timmons and Kate Weinberg.

You can also see the list of colleges that have brought us in to speak. Will yours be next?

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