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No Glove, No Love?
Not Your Mother's Safer Sex Workshop

How can one make sense of a world that tells us
sex is one of the most wonderful things about
being alive -- and that it can kill us? In high school
and college, some students got plenty of practice
putting condoms on bananas, while others never
got any safer sex education at all. Many people give
lip service (pun fully intended) to using condoms
and dental dams for oral sex, yet it seems few people actually
use them. Are they making a mistake? Are there other ways of
reducing your risk for HIV and STIs besides using barriers? We'll
cover the basics of safe sex supplies for all kinds of sex, and then
go beyond that to tackle our culture's conflicting messages and
provide options for real life. People of all sexual orientations are welcome.

Educating the Educators: Safer Sex Training for
Peer Sex Educators

Peer educator programs are an increasingly popular part of
college health education programs, since student educators have

access to other students in dorm rooms, classroom
hallways, and parties, during key decision-making
conversations and at vulnerable interpersonal moments.
This training session,popular among students and professionals
alike, is designed to arm students with the information, skills, and
attitudes they need, given the realities of limited training time. Attendees will be led through engaging, thought-provoking exercises that review the basics of safe sex supplies, evaluate competing educational approaches to preventing STI and HIV transmission, explore why students might have unsafe sex even when they "know better," and introduce practical ways to use the concepts of harm reduction and risk management in real life situations with students of all sexual orientations.


Check out these popular safer sex brochures we co-wrote with a team of community educators:

Safer Sex

A friendly, accessible, and informative guide to safer sex.


Safer Sex For Bisexuals and Their Partners
Finally, a safer sex brochure specifically for bi people! Add it to your brochure rack.


Talking With Your Patients About Safer Sex
Designed for health care providers, but useful to anyone wanting to learn more about talking about safer sex with others and the biology of HIV infection.




KaeLyn and Marshall presenting with a dental dam

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