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The Female Orgasm program’s eye-catching title has occasionally been known to give the jitters to college administrators. But breathe easy: staff and administrators who attend the program describe it as appropriate and even important for college students. We would be happy to provide testimonial letters and references to reassure staff who have questions or concerns.

Here are some comments from staff who have attended the program:

"I was initially concerned about The Female Orgasm coming to our campus, but after attending the program I realized that a large part of their message was about respect, communication, and empowerment.  What better concepts could we be teaching?"
Jeff Foote, Director of the Student Life Center, SUNY Cobleskill

Dorian and Marshall Holding Hands

“Dorian and Marshall presented relevant material in a fun and professional way.  The program is completely appropriate. It has a shocking title with completely appropriate material."
Krista Budde, Coordinator of Student Life, Lake Land College

“Top notch! In my 25 years of Student Development work, I have not worked with educators more engaging or thoughtful.  I highly recommend them.”
David Milford, Dean of Students, Russell Sage College

“Educational, informative, and very engaging dealing with difficult topics around women’s sexual health.”
Amanda Miller, Vice President of Student Affairs, Lasell College

"The program exceeded all of my expectations. The turnout was amazing, the artists so flexible, and the content humorous and touching. I enjoyed the combination of humor, truth, realism, inclusiveness and classy storytelling.
Heather Yattaw, Assistant Director of Student Activities, University of Kentucky

“The speaker/facilitators were outstanding.  Their presentation was, to the best of my knowledge, absolutely research-based, therefore scholarly, but nobody felt as if they were getting a lecture.  And, I doubt that many people were embarrassed, either, because the subject matter was handled in such a matter-of-fact and tasteful way.”
Terri Fisher, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator, Ohio State University at Mansfield

"Best campus program for both men and women. Educational, entertaining, and an awesome experience."
Will Van Roosenbeek, Director, Pride Center, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

“Our campus is, in many ways, quite conservative -- both politically and socially -- and we appreciate how you provided us with a program that was sensitive and appropriate for the tenor of our campus.  You managed to speak about female orgasm while maintaining a level of decorum, respect, and unfailing good humor that served to put our entire campus community at ease, including the occasional skittish student, wary administrator, and cynical faculty member. I would be pleased to recommend this program to other colleges and universities who are considering it, even schools that wonder if it may be too risqué for their campus climate."
Robin DeRosa, Chair, Women's Studies Council; Chair, President's Commission on Diversity, Plymouth State University

“A fantastic program done very tastefully to a predominantly male population!”
Molly Rogers, Assistant Director of Student Life, Daniel Webster College

“It was fast-paced and informative but best of all, the program normalized talking about sex in such a way that it immediately put young adults at ease.”
Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, General Minister and President of the Christian Association, University of Pennsylvania

"Wonderful to work with. Our students loved the show! The message was inclusive and educational."
Kevin Clark, Assistant Dean of Students, Illinois Wesleyan University

"Best event we ever had!!!"
Karoline J. Chrzanowski, Program Board Advisor, Pratt Institute

Standing Ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College

Standing ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College.

“The most warm-hearted, open and insightful sexual education program I have ever attended.”
Scarlett North-Cavanaugh, Coordinator, BRAVE (Bard Response to Rape and Associated Violence Education), Bard College

"It was wonderful to see what a mature, all-inclusive, educational, and fun approach you were able to take with a subject of this nature. You were in tune and engaged with our students of various diverse backgrounds, making this an affirming and memorable experience for them."
Dani Witzigreuter, Student Government Coordinator, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

"Dorian and Marshall were great to work with – they were open to our needs and concerns as a religious college.  Our students enjoyed the program and came out of the event learning more about themselves and others."
Sara Frees, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Aquinas College

“The program was the rare combination of informative and entertaining. Your messages about self-empowerment, body awareness and respect for self and others were very important for students -- survivors of sexual assault/abuse and our LGBT students as well as for our entire community -- to hear.”
Christina Liparini, MA, LPC, Psychological Counselor, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"The best and most inclusive sex ed program I've seen."
Shannon Mariani, Community Center Program Director, Cornell University

“They made us laugh, gave us information, allowed women and men in the audiences to feel honored, represented all the people present, and moved us from laughter, to silence with rapt attention, to communication.  Wonderful!”
Deb Esty, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Advisor, Promoting Our Women’s Resources and Experiences, Baldwin-Wallace College

“When lines began forming an hour before your lecture was to begin it became clear that thanks to the clever marketing of your lecture title, a whole host of students were going to receive excellent health and relationship education who may not normally attend wellness-related lectures. Your program helped our institution reinforce many educational messages, including respect for self and others and the development and decision-making needed in creating healthy relationships.”
Joseph DiChristina, Dean of Students and Ellen Nolan, Director of Student Activities, Allegheny College

“Dorian and Marshall exceeded our expectations with their I Heart Female Orgasm.  While the program was humorous and educational, it demonstrated frank and honest discussion of sexuality.”
Rick Gardner, Associate Director, Campus Activities, North Carolina State University

“Programs such as this are so important to the mission of the Women’s Advocacy Council. Rachel and Marshall’s message is FUN as well as informative (and affordable!) and we couldn’t have asked for a better event! Our students loved it!
Jennifer Stelter, Co-Advisor for the Women’s Advocacy Council, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

"The program brought students of all ages, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations together in a social yet educational forum!"
Tegwin Millard, Residence Life, Duke University

“This program provided a safe, honest and humorous look at sex education.  The speakers were well-informed and a pleasure to have on campus.  We look forward to their return.”
Kristen Snyder, Asst. Director for Student Union/Involvement Services, Kutztown University

“I Heart Female Orgasm is amazing.  It is just the right mix of humor, fun, info, and education.  You could say they nailed it!”
Emily Skinner, Health Education Coordinator, Bowdoin College

“Thank you for providing quality information in a format that relates to our students!”
Daniel Heims, Assistant Director of Campus & Student Life, North Country Community College

“I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and kindness before, during, and after the program. You both were so easy to work with throughout the semester as we planned the lecture. The publicity was awesome!”
Joanna Shaver, Coordinator for Campus Programming, Southeast Missouri State University

“Dorian and Marshall were professional and knowledgeable. They were respectful of our campus culture and provided a great alternative program for our students. The students enjoyed the evening and felt comfortable enough to have a great learning experience.”
Sandi Klassen, Assistant Director, Center for Student Engagement, University of Evansville

“This was a great, educational program for all students.”
Lisa Saverese, Assistant Director of Student Activities, University of New Haven

A pregnant Dorian and Marshall presenting the female orgams program

“Dorian and Marshall have come up with a program that goes beyond the negatives of sexuality to help students make positive, healthy choices about sex, whenever the time is right for them. I highly recommend this program for any campus. Whether you are at a small, large, private, public, religiously affiliated or not -- your students need to see this program!”
Tonya Hale, Director of Student Activities, Hendrix College

“Dorian and Marshall were a delight to work with, catering their program to the needs of our campus.  They also illustrated to our student programming board that events can be fun and informative at the same time!  We will definitely look to them for future programs on our campus."
Aimee Sadler, Coordinator of Programming and Applied Learning, Indiana University Kokomo

"It was great seeing our students -- male and female -- come out and participate in this interactive program. They walked in with hesitation and walked out empowered."
Sue Gelsinger, Advisor, Student Activities Board, Reading Area Community College

“The program exceeded our expectations and your candid presentation of sexually-based subject matter was great.  This is a tough subject to discuss in a ‘tasteful’ manner and both of you did just that.”
Harriet P. Masters, Director, Women’s Resource Center, East Tennessee State University

“This program was open, honest, and inclusive.  Students were able to hear real information about sex that is much needed.  It was educational and enjoyable, helping lift the taboo of sex.”
Nikole Barnes, Counselor, Counseling Services, Polytechnic Institute of New York University

“I Love Female Orgasm is an extremely welcoming environment for all genders -- not just women and men, but transgender people as well.  Students and community members who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or gender non-conforming told me that they felt affirmed and supported throughout Dorian and Marshall’s presentation.”
Laura Anne Stuart, MPH, Health Educator, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

A pregnant Dorian and Marshall presenting the female orgams program

“Excellent program, educational and entertaining. Dorian and Marshall combine humor, stories, and education to create a truly unique program on female sexuality.”
Julie Bezek, MA, Coordinator, CEASE (Campus Education, Awareness, Support, and Effort), SUNY Fredonia

"This is a great program. Students are drawn in by the name and stay because they are amazed by the content."
Suzanne Horning, Residence Hall Director, Cornell University

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