what college staff are saying about the sex discussed here! program

Dorian and Marshall speaking to college students and staff

“The most comprehensive, engaging, and entertaining form of sex education I have ever seen.”
Kelsy Burke, Coordinator of the Women’s Center, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Most students are thinking about themselves as sexual beings, but often do not have the language, practice, or skills to deepen this part of their lives in a meaningful way.  Dorian and Marshall provided excellent information in an non-threatening, effective, and humorous manner, and left plenty of time to fully answer all the most pressing questions on students’ minds.”
Scott C. Brown, Ph.D., Associate Vice-President, Dean of Students, Colgate University

“A well-balanced program that combined humor with direct and open communication about responsible decision-making. It was perfect for Orientation and introducing 18-year-olds to a mature way of thinking about sex."
Katy Lowe Schneider, Director of First-Year Programs, Hanover College

“I loved how inclusive you were of all genders, sexualities, and sexual orientations!”
Devon Sakamoto, Health Educator, University of California - Riverside

Dorian and Marshall speaking to audience

 "Marshall and Dorian were a joy to work with and were very accommodating to making the program fit at our Catholic institution."
Sara Frees, Director of Student Activities and Orientation, Aquinas College

"As a programmer, you provided all the right tools to make this program a breeze to market to all audiences on the campus. Your publicity package is the best I have ever received."
Kaci Wilhite Jones, Student Activities Coordinator, Palm Beach Community College - Lake Worth

“Dorian and Greg were so professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They connected with our students, got them engaged, and made them laugh while they were educating them. We can’t wait to invite them back again!”
Tamera Rizk, Director of Student Life and Engagement, Clarkson University

“This was a great program for our new student orientation.  It helped us deliver important information to our students in a fun format.”
Jim Wiltgen, Dean of Students, Hendrix College

Dorian and Marshall speaking to audience

“Dorian and Marshall bring sex education to a new level -- funny, smart, interactive, and engaging.”
Tricia Henderson, Health Educator, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

“Dorian and Marshall created an amazingly open and positive atmosphere for students to ask questions and share their expertise about sensitive topics.  Students got great, accurate, and important information during an energetic evening program.”
Anne Peacock, Health Educator, Bowdoin College

“Marshall and Melissa create a safe atmosphere for students to talk openly and maturely about issues they might have trouble discussing with just their peers alone.  This program is top notch.”
Colin Stanton, Emerging MAN Program Coordinator, University of Arkansas - Little Rock

“They are interactive.  They get the audience involved, which I believe is the key to a successful lecture.”
Tarin Finn, Healthy Student Living Coordinator, Broward Community College

"The committee appreciated your willingness to help adapt your presentation to a religiously affiliated institution. This lecture was one of the best attended events of the year."
Cari Ann K. Cook, Director of Campus Activities, Dominican University

“Dorian and Marshall are wonderful presenters and very respectful of all orientations all levels of sexual experiences.  Many of our students are not sexually active and still enjoyed the program!”
Alisa Foreman, Assistant Director, Health Education Center, University of California - Irvine

“This was so easy to host! You guys are a programmer’s dream.  Thanks so much for a great program.”
Tashayla Collins, Campus Life Specialist, University of Arkansas - Little Rock


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