I ♥ Orgasms : A Guide to More - $18.99

In this fully revised and updated edition, written by Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, with Maybe Burke of the Transgender Training Institute, we’ve crammed in even more info about the big O for aficionados and beginners alike, including: 

  • How to have an orgasm during penetration
  • The newest research on squirting
  • Directions on finding your way to the G-spot
  • Detailed advice on how to have your first orgasm
  • The best advances in sex toy technology
  • New and expanded content on penises, prostates, and pegging
  • Glimpses of what 3,525 survey respondents are doing in their bedrooms (and elsewhere!)

Whether you’re looking to orgasm or just looking for a pleasure boost, seeking info for yourself or to thrill your partner, this new edition of I ♥ Orgasms is for you. Aren’t sure? Books ordered through this website come with a 100% money back guarantee: If you order it here and don't like the book, if it's not what you expected, or if you change your mind, just mail it back to us and we'll refund your money (including shipping). We realize you can't flip through the book when you're ordering it on our website -- but we think you'll love it once you get it in your hands.


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