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We make it easy for you to get a fabulous turnout for the Female Orgasm! Every college that books us receives our complete publicity package, including:

  • 5 free “I love female orgasm®” t-shirts for organizers to wear to get a buzz going on campus
  • 10 free “I love female orgasm®” buttons
  • 30 free 11x17 color “I love female orgasm®” publicity posters
  • Free customized photocopyable publicity posters, table tents, and mailbox stuffers
  • An opportunity to buy more t-shirts and buttons in bulk at special discount prices, so every member of your group can wear one, or to use as publicity give-aways
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  • Huge turnout at UW - La Crosse.

    Students fill the largest room in the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse's student center.

  • Our 7-page packet of “Orgasmic Publicity Ideas,” with descriptions and photos of the most successful, creative ways other colleges have drawn a crowd for this program.

Here’s what they say about attendance at the event:

“This is the biggest turnout ever!”
Alicia Mazurkevich, Student Organization for Activity Planning Board, Salisbury University

“It was our largest audience ever for an event we did not make mandatory.”
Todd J. Foley, Assistant Director for Student Leadership Programs, Wentworth Institute of Technology

“This is the most people I’ve ever seen at an event at SUNY New Paltz.”
Esperanza Gonzalez, Feminism Without Borders, SUNY New Paltz

“In all Allegheny history, there has never been a program that drew so many students. The largest crowd at any speaker prior to this was 50. But this topped the scales at 400-500+. It’s like a wave of energy took over the campus. One for the Allegheny history books!”
Diana Warth, Founder & Past President, Feminist Association for Complete Equality, Allegheny College

“This is the biggest turnout at Curry in the 17 years I’ve been here. You packed the house. They loved you!”
Roberta Kosberg, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Communication; Coordinator, Women's Studies Program, Curry College

“This FAR exceeded my expectations. We've never before had a line outside the room that ran all the way out the down the hall and out the door -- when it's 5 degrees outside! Definitely will look into booking you again in the future!"
Jeremy Snyder, Centerstage Committee Coordinator, Kutztown University

"I have never heard of an event at Tufts where students had to be turned away because not everyone could physically fit into the room! [until The Female Orgasm program]
Erika Gerber, Co-President, VOX, Tufts University

“It’s the Monday  before Thanksgiving. It’s cold and it’s supposed to rain, but over 900 people show up for the lecture. We ended up turning people away!”
Melissa Kallas, Marketing Director, Student Entertainment Events, University of Maryland

Standing Ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College

“I have been in Student Government for three years, and I have never seen our theatre packed, nor have I ever had to turn people away."
Lea Kovacsiss, Student Government President, Tiffin University

“This is the first time this building has been this full ever.”
Antoinette Qamar, Multicultural Relations Chair, Scripps College

“Your program far exceeded our expectations! We probably had upwards of 500 people in a room with only 270 chairs.  People stood in line for over an hour before the doors opened!  This will definitely be a repeat event for us, with a much larger venue.”
Matt Johnson, ARH Programming Board Chair, University of North Dakota

“Last night, I saw more students at The Female Orgasm program than I have ever seen at a campus event!”
Terri Fisher, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator, Ohio State University at Mansfield

“Your program was amazing!  We had a way better turnout than at any other program.”
Moriah Drucker, Live Entertainment Chairperson, Hartwick College

"In the past three years that I have been involved in the Society of Professional Women, we have never had an event with such a great turnout.  Also, considering it was the day before our Spring Break, the turnout was really amazing."
Erica Gonyo, Society of Professional Women Secretary, Clarkson University

It was our biggest attendance ever!"
Gretchen Claypool, Student Activity Board member, Lake Land College

“BU Central had never held an event that students needed to be turned away at the door [because the room was so packed] until this past weekend for The Female Orgasm.
Tara Glick, BU Central Chair, Programming Council, Boston University

"It was the largest turnout we have ever had for a lecture!"
Denyta Girard, Treasurer, Livingston Program Board, Rutgers University

"Before this, the largest crowd we'd had for any event was 130  people. The Female Orgasm brought over 500 people, by far our biggest ever!"
Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President of Activities, SUNY Plattsburgh

“Never before for any campus lecture have we had a house OVERfull.”
Mariam Afzal, Membership Coordinator, Campus Activities Board, Harper College

Standing Ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College

Michigan Tech filled every seat in their 1,150 person theater (plus a few dozen extra) and gave the program a standing ovation.

“At our school of 1,650 students, the Programming Board plans events every Friday and Saturday evening.  Nothing could have prepared my students or me for the close to 700 students that showed up.  They were sitting on windowsills, the floor, and even the stage.  I can say with confidence it was the largest crowd at a late night event ever!”
Kathleen E. Kieper, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Kenyon College

“Those who had doubts about the program’s success are dumbfounded. No one believed there would be 300 people in the room.”
Lisa Pittari, Womyn’s Alliance, SUNY Oneonta

"In all the events I've run, I have never had such an easy time bringing out a crowd, and I've never felt so sure every audience member left feeling completely entertained and informed. We were expecting a big turnout -- I was going to be shocked if we got 350. But 450 is unheard of."
Katie Heaney, President, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Illinois Wesleyan University

“This is the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in this room in 22 years.”
Mike Loughlin, Ph.D., Professor of History, Ohio Northern University

“This event set a record for the most students ever to attend an OSAPE event.”
Kathryn Turner, President, Organization for Students Actively Pursuing Equality, Stetson University

“This was one of the most popular events we ever had.  We had 500 people -- every seat was full -- and we had to turn away 300 more.”
Sandra Hinderliter, House Manager, Carolina Union, University of North Carolina

“It was the best-attended Women's History Month event we have had here since I joined the faculty five years ago, and all of us who work on sexuality-related issues here at the university are so thankful for all the excitement and attention that your program generated for such an important topic."
Robin DeRosa, Chair, Women's Studies Council; Chair, President's Commission on Diversity, Plymouth State University

"I've never seen our lecture hall this packed for a program -- thank you!"
Lakeisha Flood, Coordinator of Student Activities, Medaille College

"I hoped that every seat would be filled (100), but I wasn't expecting over 300 people nor did I think I would have to turn people away! Dorian and Marshall completely packed the house and delivered a great program our students will be talking about for a long time!"
Kelly Barrows, Lafayette Activities Forum, Lafayette College

“We had a record number in attendance!  The students loved attending a program that was so educational and fun!”
Christine Graham, Director of Student Activities, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Standing Ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College

Smaller school? Expecting a smaller crowd? No problem! We love presenting more intimate, workshop-style programs, too.

We had 400 people in attendance.  This was nearly double the amount we expected and is 20% of our student body!”
Anna Cooper, Intern, The Women’s Resource Center, Ohio Wesleyan University

“As soon as the first person began sitting on the floor because there were no empty seats remaining in White Lecture Hall, we said ‘I Heart Female Orgasm’ was a success!  However, it was not until we had about fifty people lined up by the lecture hall entrance to see what they could hear that we understood how excited students were to have this type of programming on campus.”
Annie Schetinnikova, Healthy Devils Peer Educator, Duke University

"I am totally in awe that so many students came!"
Michele Devine, Health Educator, Connecticut College

"In our school, having 100 people for an event is amazing.  To get 200+ [as we did for The Female Orgasm] is hard to believe. Definitely worth every cent."
Kris Hansen, Campus Activities Board, SUNY Institute of Technology

"Though I do not measure a program's success simply by numbers of students in attendance, it was nice to see how well-attended your program was on our campus, especially considering that it is a commuter campus with a high percentage of non-traditional students, who have many responsibilities outside of their university lives."
Dani Witzigreuter, Student Government Coordinator, Indiana University – Purdue University, Ft Wayne

Standing Ovation at Gustavus Adolphus College

This photo ran in the local newspaper after we spoke at the University of Missouri. As you can see, after every seat in the room was filled students sat three-deep on the floor in front of the stage, and another group crowded along the back wall.

“With their amazing publicity ideas and the widespread interest in the topic we succeeded in filling our largest auditorium on campus, which holds around 600 people!”
Safiyah Hosein, Student Coordinator, Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Brown University

"This was the best-attended event we've had in years.” 
Krista Budde, Coordinator of Student Life, Lake Land College

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a truly successful program. Your show packed a room to almost 1000 people. The entire audience was captivated by your unique way of presenting the facts and answers every question the audience threw at you. You were respectful, yet humorous, witty, and intelligent. It was definitely the most popular event of the semester!”
James Schnepel, Films, Fine Arts, and Lectures Coordinator, Southeast Missouri State University

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