I Love Orgasms

A funny, educational program about sexual pleasure for all! This program teaches about the key topics that make I [heart] Female Orgasm popular - first orgasms, partnered sex, G-spots and squirting. It's a great option for colleges that prefer not to use the word "female," and broadens the scope by adding more content specifically for and about people with penises. As in our original program, I [heart] Orgasms is interactive, inviting students to vote and brainstorm from their phones. Both programs teach specifically about pleasure and orgasms for trans folks and their partners, and both programs are taught in ways that are fully inclusive of transgender and non-binary people. With lots of laughter and honesty, both programs celebrate pleasure while emphasizing the core values of consent and respect.

Choosing between our two orgasm programs? Feel free to call or email Dorian Solot to help you sort out which would be the best match for your campus!

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